O D Green Cerakote Coating for Kits Add-On

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OD Green Add-on Cerakote Coating for 3 Piece Kits

All Cerakoting is done by the Mawhinney Family

Solvent Trap Kit Optional Cerakoting






Announcing our optional Cerakote Coating.

Product Options - Choose One of 5 Classic Cerakote Colors

  • Graphite Black   
  • Sniper Gray      
  • Flat Dark Earth 
  • O D Green    
  • Desert Sand

Product Features

Cerakote - Choose one of 5 Classic Colors 

We are working with a veteran owned, Certified Cerakote applicator shop to offer optional Cerakoting to our solvent trap kits. 

The 5 colors we carry are the most Popular Cerakote Colors in the firearms industry and the following are available now:

  • Graphite Black H-146Q Our most popular satin black.
  • Sniper Grey H-234Q Dark grey with blueish tint.
  • Flat Dark Earth H-265 
  • O.D. Green H-236Q Medium olive drab green.
  • Robin's Egg Blue Item: H-175Q  - Discontinued


** These Cerakoted Solvent Trap Kits take up to an additional 2 weeks for delivery due to Cerakote coating process.


  • Cerakoted parts take up to 2 weeks for fulfillment and are shipped when cerakote is completed.
  • *PLEASE NOTE: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the Cerakote colors shown on this website. Colors may vary upon lighting conditions. Due to limitations of internet color rendering and/or monitor brightness the color samples shown may not be 100% accurate in representing the true coating color. To request an actual coated color chip, visit Cerakote.com
  • **Metal Finishes: The same limitations apply to the color variations of metals used in our firearm products; naked titanium, naked carbon steel and naked aluminum finishes that are shown may not be 100% accurate in representing the true metal color as lighting, color rendering and screen brightness may vary.



No Refund Policy on Custom Orders
All Machine Time and Cerakote orders are classified as "Custom Orders" so there will be no refunds. -- Updated Jan 11, 2019



Cerakote Color Chart PDF Link

Add Legendary Cerakote Quality to you Solvent Trap Kit!


Quick Attach Adapters

Environmental Statement

Our A Cell Titanium Solvent Trap Kits are cleaning accessories designed to trap fluids that harm the environment. Cleaning solvents are noxious and can contaminate water supplies.


Solvent traps help sportsmen contribute to a clean environment and our products are legal and environmentally safe when used as intended.



NOTES: H Series Cerakote Coating - Oven Cure

The world's leading thin film coating for firearms and other products!

Firearms, knives, eye wear, consumer electronics, salt water applications

Cerakote Attributes: (STAR RATINGS)