Dry Storage Cup Style 2 - 3/4" skirt

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Dry Storage Cups -- Multi-use Dry Storage Cups - Sold Individually 

These are a cone shaped cup with a 3/4" skirt

From $11.99-$44.99

Dry Storage Cups may be used for storing:

  • Emergency storage containers - Prepper storage
  • Gun cleaning patches
  • Matches and char paper
  • Medications
    • Nitroglycerin pills
  • or whatever fits....



  • Cups are easy to fit together and take apart 
  • 3/4 Skirt




D-Cell Style 2- Height: 1.52" OD: 1.352"  Stainless Steel weight 1.0 ounce, Titanium Weight .7 ounce, Aluminum Weight .4 ounce

C-Cell Style 2- Height 1.35" OD: .991"      Stainless Steel weight .7 ounce, Aluminum weight .2 ounce

B-Cell Style 2- Height 1.4" OD: 1.138"      Stainless Steel weight .7 ounce, Aluminum weight .2 ounce

A-Cell Style 2- Height  1.25" OD: .810"     Stainless Steel weight  .6 ounce, Aluminum weight .1 ounce



To get an exact tight fit for a particular item you can cut titanium spacer tube to length. This is handy for storing longer items. 

You know, like mascara, toilet paper, first aid items like tampons and other girl stuff.


NOTE: Spacer Tubes - Due to wall size, our Titanium spacer tubes are the only spacer with a wall size compatible that works with these dry storage cups at the moment. This offers various options for making longer or shorter dry storage chambers to accommodate different sized items.


Our D-Cell Kits do not contain dry storage cups - You must buy dry storage cups separately.  

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  • 4
    Great storage!

    Posted by Jimmy Hawkins on Jan 12th 2023

    Bought a few cups because they looked neat. Use them all the time! Ends are very thick. Maybe 1/4 of steel to make sure they don't wear out. Stores all sort of spices and such. Would recommend

  • 5
    Great material and tight fit

    Posted by Art on Jan 9th 2023

    Got the cups and use the solvent trap tube as storage for them they fit perfectly inside so they don’t rattle tolerances are tight was concerned about the weight of cups but they are lighter than expected

  • 5
    Excellent cups if you only want a 3/4 inch skirt.

    Posted by Guss Hale on Sep 6th 2022

    Personally I like 1/2 inch skirts. Great cups, I just wish they offered 1/2 inch skirts, while keeping the 3/4 inch also. STD is a A+, Number 1 company to do business with.