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Solvent Traps Direct provides a unique solvent trap buying experience to firearm customers in the United States. We focus on customer satisfaction and product availability first. We understand that gun cleaning is a necessary but sometimes unpleasant experience.

Solvent Traps Direct offers affordable, legal three piece solvent trap parts and kits.  Gun solvent is messy and has a foul odor because of the powerful chemicals used to make it effective. Our goal is to provide customers with a superior product that makes gun cleaning enjoyable and allows reuse of solvent materials to help us be environmentally conscious. We promote honest service by satisfying individual customers solvent trap orders promptly without back orders. We also believe it is important to have quality products at a fair market value and back each order with timely support.

About Us 
We live in Eastern Oregon and are a ranching family that own many guns. They come along during our working day and frequently need a cleaning depending on the varmints pursued or mud encountered.  In addition we also come from a long line of machinists that know a quality machined product and want to provide that to our customers.  

After seeing some of the quality issues and observing the wait times involved in ordering solvent trap parts we are determined to correct that issue.  Everyone works hard for their money and wants the product they pay for quickly, thus Solvent Traps Direct was born.

Our mission is to always be in stock with a quality product!

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