3 Lug Ratcheting Muzzle Brake kit CS 1-2X28

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ST_3 Lug_Ratcheting_MB_kit_CS_1-2X28
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3 Lug Ratcheting Muzzle Brake Kit

Includes 1/2 x28 CS Muzzle brake

Mount for Muzzle Brake

Rough Plasma cut tightening tool

 Threads directly into B tubes and can be used with the D size three lug adapter. 

Please Note that the 3 Lug device is not designed for high pressured calibers. These are designed for low pressure rounds like 9mm or subsonic rounds.

These muzzle breaks are made of carbon steel, and are designed for use with 9mm platforms.

Rough Plasma cut tool to tighten on your 3 lug muzzle brake. Uses a 3/8 socket wrench to tighten down to roughly 15ft/lbs